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international mail delays? 2011/4/3 06:48
A few days ago, I sent from Europe a small parcel to a friend living in Tokyo, and it just occured to me that the japanese postal administration was maybe experiencing difficulties due to the recent events.
Are there currently delays in the delivery of international mail/parcels?
by eva (guest)  

Tokyo, no problem 2011/4/4 14:47

I received an envelope from Amsterdam to Yokohama quite soon after the 11th. The other day I sent a domestic parcel from Yokohama to Fukushima and it arrived within 24 hours. I doubt there would be no problem with mail/parcels from Europe to Japan unless you're trying to send it up further north where they're still working on the roads. For more details, ask your local post office.
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post 2011/4/4 16:22
My parents sent a parcel to me in Tokyo from NZ on the Thursday after the earthquake and it arrived by the next Wednesday, so for me at least there haven't been any delays whatsoever. Other than power saving measures, Tokyo has been functioning at very close to normal for over 2 weeks now- hard to see a reason for there to be any delays really.

Of course the tsunami affected areas could be slower, but from what Uco says, probably not that much.
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Thank you 2011/4/4 16:22
Thank you for your answer ^^
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