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vegetarian diet 2011/4/7 21:40
As Iam a fussy veggie (absolutely no meat,no fish & no pork)Iam apprehensive of food in Japan.Iam planning a visit to Tokyo and Kyoto. I can communicate only in English and not in Japanese .Will people in restaurants and convenience stores understand vegetarian food.Can anybody give the names of veg.items easily available?
Help from anybody is appreciable.
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vegetarian 2011/4/8 18:56
This is a pretty commonly asked question on this site, so try some searching as well as looking at this website:

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... 2011/4/9 00:18
I am also vegetarian and didn't have much of a problem. It all depends how much you like to eat and how simple you're prepared to eat.

- McDonald's: you can get fries and desserts.

- Any Italian restaurant: and you can get pasta in tomato sauce or a plain margherita pizza.

- Conbini: (7/11, AM/PM etc) You can get sandwiches with just egg, you can try onigiri (rice balls) with ume (plum) filling. Obviously you can also get crisps, sweets, desserts and bread products.

- Mos Burger: does a rice burger filled with only veggies.

- French bakeries: I saw a few, get croissants and various other pastries.
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... 2011/4/9 11:10
Don't forget Indian. There's lots in Tokyo.
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carbo dake? Horenso. 2011/4/10 10:45
----Can anybody give the names of veg.items easily available?----

Horenso (spinach slightly cooked), daikon or tofu--- most Japanese restaurants would have those. They have salad as well.

When you order miso soup, make sure it's made with konbu dashi and not katsuo dashi which is fish.

Do you eat grains?
California rolls from sushi restaurant.

I'm not sure french fries, burgers, bread/pastries and sweets are completely vegetarians for those may contain ingredients like butter or oil from animals so you need to check.

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used to be fussy 2011/4/11 11:34
It depends what you mean by fussy veggie. If by that you include eating vegetarian cheese and not eating gelatine, things fried using animal fat etc. then its *usually* a problem. I even went to an Indian restaurant once in Tokyo Midtown and they told me that their vegetable curry had some meat in it.. would never happen at good/proper Indian restaurant though!. So anyway, its not like you'll have a V next to things on the menu..
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VEG.DIET INFORMATION 2011/4/11 13:23
Thanks a lot for so much information.Hope Iwill not starve.I was planning to manage with fruits and Yoghurt available locally and some cup noodles,dry fruits and nuts I am going to carry from my country.But now I have so many options.Even dairy produts like milk,butter,cheese are acceptable to me but not animal fat.Now I have to plan sights to be visited.
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Cup of Noodles 2011/4/12 01:23
If you do go with cup of noodles, make sure you bring them from your home country (like you said). In Japan, all of the instant noodles I've seen have animal (usually pork) extract for flavoring.
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Freshness Burger 2011/4/12 22:53
Freshness Burger have a lovely tofu and avocado burger, simply to die for!
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