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How to not order Bluefin Tuna? 2011/4/12 10:59
So in about 3 weeks my girlfriend and I are going to tokyo. I loooove sushi and while I have eaten it in the past, I would like to try my best and not eat Bluefin Tuna because of the overfishing.

my problem is, I can't seem to figure out if there is any specific name for bigeye or yellowfin! I see maguro sometimes as being bigeye or yellowfin, but then sometimes it is labelled in english as bluefin. Can anyone clear this up for me?


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bluefin 2011/4/13 11:34
I'm not sure where you're seeing bluefin labeled as maguro () though, since isn't bluefin typically referred to as kuromaguro (). Regardless, I think you can comfortably order maguro and expect it to be yellowfin tuna.

Bluefin is a delicacy that is relatively rare in Japan. It was a specialty item whenever I've had it, and the restaurant has always highlighted the distinction between their bluefin and regular yellowfin offerings. It also commands higher prices than regular maguro due to its delicacy status.
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thanks 2011/4/14 10:02
okay cool thanks.
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