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Glutathione (PH338) and Atomolan 2004/8/20 13:53
my friend is in japan now and asking him to buy this product for me but he doesnt know where to get it. are they availbale over the counter in any medicine shop or should he go to skin clinic? pls post if u know any shop that sell this stuff..thnx..btw..he's staying in tokyo (roponggi)
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Glutathione 2007/2/23 23:00
Just want to share my experienced I`ve tried to find glutathione in drugstore (japan). Staff told me,They do not have for sale those kind of drugs.She also adviced me If i need that, i should have to visit the doctors and ask his medical prescription..
By the way, i found the site, where you can buy glutathione. mrnint.com
Just want you know that,I`m not related or affiliated on that company.

my 2cents
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... 2007/7/29 15:23
In Japan glutatione is not available over the counter. It is prescribed by doctors, for some eye problems or for other internal organ disorder due to toxic substances.

You say your *friend* is in Japan and you are asking him to buy it for you? Have you ever had this medication prescribed by any doctor (meaning, have you had a diagnosis, and possibly do you have a copy of an old prescription)? I don't think your friend can just go to a doctor and say that his friend needs this drug.
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