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Small packets of nori with breakfast 2011/4/13 22:39
I've now had three traditional Japanese breakfasts here, and each time there has been a small package of nori sheets on the side. I'm not sure what to do with it. For the most part I've been able to figure everything else out, but not the nori. I usually end up just sort of crumbling it up onto my rice, but I was hoping someone could tell me what the real use is for it. I think I only have one more traditional breakfast to come on this trip, but I'd like to be able to do it right at least that one time.
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nori 2011/4/13 23:20
I believe its up to you. Some people eat it straight, some put it in their miso soup, and some eat it with rice. Some even put it in their pocket and save it for later...
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roll the rice 2011/4/14 01:25
Well, I believe that very few Japanese people eat it straight or put it in their miso soup in front of others, but yes of course, it's really up to you. By the way, unlike the youtube video, I always dip it in the soy sauce first before putting it on the rice to roll. Also, you are suppose to eat the main dishes and side dishes first before going on to the pickles and relishes such as nori.
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... 2011/4/14 12:35
Traditionally, you should put the piece of nori on top of the steamed rice. Use chopsticks to grip short sides of nori, a small ball of rice trapped under and between the edges.

Normally housewives purchase nori crumbles( economical) for adding into rice, noddle or soup. These are of mixed quality, collected after perfect sheets are packed. Second to whole nori sheets (for sushi)of same quality the small cut rectangular pieces of nori are expensive, hence wasteful if used as crumbles.

Unless sesame seed oil roasted (often mildly salted, costlier with brief shelf life), these small cut pieces of plain nori should never be given to a toddler; as it can stick down the throat and cause choking.
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...... 2011/4/14 12:38
Conveniently, small rectangular pieces of nori can also be found on top rice balls so you can hold without the rice sticking on fingers.
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