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Stamps for sending postcards 2011/4/14 10:22
Hi all, I will be in Japan in 2days!
I have intended to send postcards from every prefecture I visit to myself as souvenirs and would like to know whether the same price of stamps apply to any location in Japan sending out to the same place. I mean whether in Kanazawa or Nagoya or Tokyo , the stampfs price is the same to my home ? if so , then I will only need to go to post office once and purchase the number of stamps I need instead of looking for the main post office everywhere I go. I ask this because I know that there are a lot of postbox along the streets but finding the main post office maybe a problem for me.

Thanks in advance.
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... 2011/4/14 13:19
Yes, the postage you need to send a postcard from Japan by air internationally is 70 yen, and it's the same where in Japan you post from.
The size for a "postcard" is 9 - 12cm (short side) and 14 - 23.5cm (long side), so unless you get a super large picture postcard, this 70 yen should be fine.
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. 2011/4/14 13:30
For sending postcards, the price of the stamp is JPY50 for any destinations in Japan.
For sending postcards abroad, stamp is JPY70 regardless the destination.
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. 2011/4/14 13:31
Most convenience stores are selling stamps.
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Sending a postcard by air mail 2011/4/14 22:38
The size for a "postcard" is 9 - 12cm (short side) and 14 - 23.5cm (long side)

One thing to add about the size: the long side should be at least 1.4 times as long as the short side.

I recommend dispatching your postcard at a post office. Or, if you find a post with two openings (standing near a post office, a convenience store or a major railroad station for example), you can throw your postcard through the opening on the right.

Most convenience stores are selling stamps.

Yes. But 70-yen stamps are not always available everywhere. It's highly likely that you have to make a combination of one 50-yen stamp + two 10-yen stamps when you buy 70 yen worth of stamps at a convenience store.
To do with one stamp, you can use an 80-yen stamp instead. 80-yen stamps are prevalent because the postage is 80 yen for an envelope of a regular size to be sent by domestic mail.

Have a nice trip!

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