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Places to meet people in japan 2011/4/16 18:05
Does anyone know of websites or forums like this one where people living in Japan want to catch up. I'll be traveling and staying in shinjuku in June and would be keen to catch up with people. Kind of daunting not really knowing any Japanese language etc

by Benny81  

... 2011/4/17 12:10
I'd say don't worry too much about it and just go.
If you will stay for a short time, you may lose precious time trying to meet online contacts, which in some cases may be disappointing or dangerous to some extent.
Try not to lose time emailing/skyping/etc when you can just go out.

If you are going to work, your workmates will be able to introduce you many other people.
If you are going as a tourist, the mood in festivals and special events is nice and makes people want to meet new friends.

In the case of Japanese people, not all of them are as shy as you may think (needless to say, many of them can speak english), and you will find yourself many times with spontaneous conversations even in common days and in common places.
by max (guest) rate this post as useful 2011/4/17 12:38 is a good place to check out. I have been using it for years when I travel. There is an option to search for:

Meet for Coffee, Drink.

Then there are groups for cities in Japan that you can make a post on and see if anyone wants to meet up. Pretty handy.

Check it out. You always need to use caution no matter what, but since I have been using CS for years now, I have met literally hundreds of people all over the world. Even if you are traveling by yourself, it's always nice to meet up some people.
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... 2011/4/17 16:40
Thanks guys I'll have to look into festivals etc on during june
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