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Worries about eating Rice 2011/4/21 15:46
Hello there,

I am going to be living in Japan and working at a Japanese company starting September, for at least a year... I have some severe blood sugar issues and thus am kept on a strict low-carbo diet by my doctors; that means strictly no bread, no sugar, no grains, no noodles etc. Here, I don't get much bother about it, but I am worried in Japan, especially in company setting or when invited for dinner, I might be served rice or noodle. I know rice and noodle is major staple and has much cultural significance in Japan - many meals seem to be based on it - and I fear to offend the person cooking/ appear wasteful/ not be able to fit with my co-workers (as I know being too 'different' is not easy to accomodate). And having a 'little bit' is not really an option for me - I have to control very strictly to stay normal (my doctor makes me keep a strict count of the carb I eat, under 30 g a day) - but at the same time I fear to be alienated just for this. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with this, or to explain it in a way to be understandable and not inconvenient/offensive to my coworkers, hosts, boss, etc? I really appreciate your help.
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Be honest and spedific 2011/4/23 13:31

Let the person who invites you know about your health issue. Tell the person upon the invitation. Or if you end up going to a restaurant with sudden notice, tell them as soon as you can.

I know that you might still end up in an awkward situation, but it's a lot better than to have a lot of food wasted.
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