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Advice on Kikunoi Honten 2011/4/23 04:07
Can anyone advise as to the difference in the four different levels of kaiseki meals at Kikunoi Honten?

Thank you.
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more... 2011/4/24 21:11
Reading on the internet, it seems like the cheapest tier, at 15,750 yen, would more than suffice. But the concierge at our hotel, who is making the reservation, recommended one of the middle tiers--18,900 yen or 21,000 yen. Budget is a bit of an issue to us, and the $75 or so that we could save between the first and second tier could be better served on a different meal. But at the same time, this might be a once in a lifetime type of meal and we don't want to regret not doing it right.
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... 2011/5/1 19:06
With those "kaiseki" dinners, normally the price differences do not indicate differences in volume/amount, but rather the choice of ingredients. So the more expensive it gets, the more exotic the ingredients get. So... if budget matters to you (and those meals are expensive to begin with), I would simply go with the least expensive one. I'm sure that that would already be a great experience :)

I've checked a few dining review sites in Japanese, but most people who posted their comments were talking about lunch (they can be VERY expensive too!), so I was not able to find any review concerning any of the dinner sets.
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