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Affordable trail mixes in Japan 2011/4/24 23:22
Dear members of the community.

Since this is my very first post on this fine-looking forum, I might as well introduce myself.

I am a French-Canadian guy in Japan since January 2011 on a Working-Holiday Visa. I am studying Japanese on weekday mornings at a central Tokyo language institute, and I am glad to say that I just landed my very first job in Japan (I was a translator in Canada, and I still translate on a part-time basis), which is the gaijin job par excellence, lo and behold, English teacher.

I plan to stay at least two years, and I do hope to get 上手 in Japanese during that time.

Now that you somewhat know about me, here's my question:

One of the food items I consumed in fair amount in Canada were trail mixes (nuts and raisins/dry fruit mixes), which are a convenient and affordable source of nutrients. Alas, the Japanese public doesn't seem to be quite fond of them, as I haven't seen them in local supermarkets (actually, I did see a bag, but at about 2,000 yen for a couple hundred grams, I didn't bother).

I've heard those mixes were available in bulk at Indian supermarkets somewhere in Yokohama. Does anyone know of any good place were I can find them at reasonable prices? Preferably in central Tokyo, since I live in Yotsuya.

Thanks for your help!

by Pierreboro  

You could make it yourself.. 2011/4/25 09:10
You can buy granola, nuts, seeds, m&m's, dried fruits, etc, and mix your own. It would probably be a little cheaper. Or you could try costco (I think there is one near Machida) they might have some, they have lots of bulk foods.
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Granola 2011/4/25 16:48
you can buy Calbee brand granola from Costco as well aa from most large super markets.
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Try the 100Y shops 2011/4/27 16:39
The 100Y shops around the city have some pretty decent mixes but not to the extent of what you're looking for. But, overall, they are still worth it if you mix a few of the other ingredients in on your own :)
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Thanks! 2011/4/27 21:10
Thank you all for your suggestions! Lilu, you inspired to create a basic walnuts-and-raisins mix from ingredients from at a nearby supermarket.

All I need now is to find to the most easily accessible Costco...
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Machida Costco is a no go 2011/4/29 10:41
Right now the Machida Costco is shut down because they had damage from the March Earthquake. The next closest will most likely be In Kaihin Makuhari which is over past Tokyo Disney.

Do you have a membership to a Costco already? You wont be able to go in and buy goods if you aren't already an annual member. It usually costs something like 4000 yen or more to sign up I think.
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Not a member 2011/4/29 10:49
Hi Chinoda,

I am not a member, and not planning to become one. Thanks for reminding me of Costco's members-only policy!

I might still try to visit Machida's Costco once it reopens, just to see what they have in store...
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... 2011/4/29 16:23
If you like cereals mixed in with fruits and nuts, try a shop called "Yamaya" - they have several locations in Tokyo, and they sell some imported foods, including these cereals. The ones sold in regular supermarkets by Kellogg Japan and others are bit too expensive, I find.
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