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Where can I buy protein powders in Osaka 2011/4/25 12:28
Hopefully someone can help me out. Just moved to Osaka and was wondering if anyone can suggest a good place to get protein supplements from? I've heard they're quite expensive over here. Any tips?

by Nathan_C (guest)  

best place is.. 2011/4/25 20:24
hey mate i am big protein junky and i been too japan couple of times. The best place to buy protein is on the internet no matter which country your in. Try vitacost website or any american protein sites and the shipping fees are well worth it. Look into it! good brands are dymatize and optimum nutrition!
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protein powder 2011/4/26 05:06
Google www.ironman-japan.com
when you get a whole page click on translate to get the Ironman Japanese magazine page in English
somewhere there is something about supplements etc. you may be able to find an address etc.
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golds gym. 2011/4/26 14:30
you should check out golds gym in osaka - there are two. they sell some stuff and the staff will help you out as well.
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