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Children's clothes sizes 2011/4/26 20:44
I'll be visiting Japan in a couple of weeks, and was hoping (as normal) to buy my 3 nephews some clothes from our holiday destination. We normally buy them a t shirt, jumper or something similar, but I've no idea how the clothing sizes work for children in Japan. In the UK they tend to go with age ranges, but I'm not sure if that would be a good indication of the sizes in comparison to western clothe sizes (even for children). My nephews are aged 8, 5 and 2, so all growing quickly!

As ever, thanks in advance

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Tall, Short, Fat, Thin 2011/4/27 12:29

I'm not sure what your question is, but children's clothes size in Japan goes with the age range as well. But whether the size and the actual age of a particular child fit together or not is a totally different issue. Children come in all different size and colors and shapes. Why not buy something bigger if you can't ask how many inches they are.
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children's clothing sizes 2011/4/27 14:42
Children's sizes in Japan are based (up to a certain point) on the height of the child in cm. This should make it relatively easy to figure out the children's sizes if you know their height, and then make a judgement based on the build of the child. And when in doubt go bigger (as I'm sure you already know). You can also find a lot of clothing size converters online. Here's one that I found with a quick search:

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. 2011/4/27 23:09
I agree with above posters. You should have their heights written in centimeters (isn't it what you use in UK also?), so that you can show the note to a salesperson.
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