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how can i get visa to my daughter? 2011/5/1 20:36
my doughter is a half japaness, i am a filipina, i want her to visit japan but i dont know how to get visa for her, her father cant invite her to go to japan , couse its complecated , i need help for visa of my doughter to japan.
by rose mutia (guest)  

More info needed 2011/5/2 15:22
What is your visa status? How old is your daughter? What is her citizenship? What is her father's citizenship and status? Are you in contact with her father or is he completely out of the picture?
by yllwsmrf (guest) rate this post as useful

visa application 2011/5/2 15:22
I think there are 2 ways.. Since your a filipina I am assuming your daughter is in the Philippines. Right?

1. You can get your own by following all of the steps in embassy of Japan in the Philippines.. Here is their web site..
You can also call them for much better information..

2. You can go to accredited agency and they are the one who will process the visa for you.. Of course there will charge you for additional handling fee.. But I think this is much faster and easier than by your own.. The last time I went to UHI (Universal Holidays Inc.).. Here is their web site if your interested..

I hope I can answer your question..
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