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American Adresses translated to Japanes 2011/5/4 03:43
Okay. I was wondering how to translate my address to Japanese. I'm still confused on how I'm to go about translating my address to Japanese.
Does the street still have to be before your area code? Or is everything backwards?
by KatusRam (guest)  

... 2011/5/4 08:08
An American address should be written in English. I can't think of any practical situation where you would have to translate an American address into Japanese.

If, for whatever reason, you had to translate it, you would best do it by simply transforming all the English names into katakana and leave the format exactly the same.
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depends 2011/5/4 11:37

What do you need the translation for?

If it's for an envelope or postcard, you need to write it in the way the postman in America can understand, in other words plain American English.

If it's for a novel in Japanese language, you need to write everything in Japanese and, yes, pretty much backwards.
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