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Okonomiyaki, japanese yam substitute 2011/5/4 07:41
H, I had some okonomiyaki while I was in Japan a few years back, anyways I really want to make some. It was fun to make.
Anyways where I live we don't have many asian markets. I have tried to find the japanese yam everywhere.
anyways I heard that you can replace the yam with tapioca flour. is this true? if so how much should I use. or if you have a link to a recipe that uses tapico flour that would be great thanks
by dj (guest)  

. 2011/5/7 02:36
I have no idea about tapioca flour, but many products of okonomiyaki mix include yam flour. Note that yam is not necessarily essential ingredient for okonomiyaki.
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. 2011/5/7 06:01
I have been looking for the same thing. You can try one of those on-line stores that carries "okonomiyaki-ko". I found a site that says grated potato (regular kind) can be used. I will have to try that next time.
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okonomiyaki 2011/5/7 13:02
Hey Ikuyo Kuruyo which website did you see that used grated potato, I can see that grated potato could possibly work
I got a day off work tomorrow and really want to try and make it. Been craving it for a while :p
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Recipe 2011/5/7 21:59
I'm the Japanese and live outside of Japan. I have to make Japanese food on my own because I can't buy Japanese food around here. So, I make okonomiyaki by myself. This is the recipe you may wanna try.

Cabbage (5 or 6 leaves)
Scarion (2 or 3 bunch)
Ham (2 or 3)
Egg (1)
Flour (100g)
Corn starch (20g)
Baking pouder (5g)
Water (160-200cc)

1) Cut all veges and ham into small pieces
2) Stir Egg
3) Mix flour, corn starch, and baking pouder together
4) Pour water into 3) and mix not at once but by about three times
5) Put 1) and 2) into 4)
6) Put oil into a frying pan and bake it with middium heat. After finishing baking one side, flip to the other side and bake with a lid on for 3 to 4 mins.

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okonomiyaki 2011/5/12 23:49
My friend here in Canada is Japanese and makes okonomiyaki all the time. He uses the same flour he uses to make bread, pizza etc. ..
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