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Alice of Magic 2011/5/6 04:46

I stumbled across this really cool restaurant that's supposedly in tokyo:

I found a whole lot of blog entries about it, but no one seems to know the address... so yeah, does anyone have any idea how I could either find it (googling the hell out of it didn't work so far :-/) or does someone maybe know?? I don't read japanese so I can't google it like that, but I'd really love to go there and I'd hate to miss it, since this july will be the first time I travel to japan!

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... 2011/5/6 06:53
It is just a few steps from Shinjuku Station:
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Alice 2011/5/9 09:05
If the map is accurate it is in the Odakyu HALC department store. There are several Odakyu stores and HALC is the farthest north. (turn right as you come out of the West exit).
There are restaurants on the 8th floor and two basement levels, MB3B and 3B.
Apparently there are 4 Alice in Wonderland restaurants. The newest is in Ginza, but I couldn't find the address.
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Diamond Dining chain 2011/5/10 02:04
Diamond Dining operates a whole series of fantasy-themed restaurants - three of the Alice restaurants are in Tokyo, the fourth is in Osaka.

Running these websites through google translate is probably your best way to confirm info about the restaurants: (Magic Alice) (Alice's Adventures in Books) (Alice's Labrynth)

The first two are near Shinkuku Station, the third is in Ginza. It's best to book a reservation in advance, if you can, from what I've heard.
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Was there 2011/5/20 10:24
I was there on tuesday, the branch in Odakyu Halc. It's next to some german-themed restaurant called Munchen in the basement.

Prices were very good in fact. We had the lunch menu. Salad, bread, cheese salmon ebi and free flow of drinks for only 1000y. I was quite shocked at the price.

The interior is as you've seen in photos, nothing fancy, and the waitresses are just like normal waitresses in alice outfits. They have a fancy heart chandelier in the restaurant center and wonderland paintings on the walls.

It was very quiet when we went, probably because it was a weekday. Customers are almost entirely girls, with maybe 1 or 2 guys on a date.
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