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kids/teenager shopping in Kyoto 2011/5/7 16:59
Hi I was wondering where is a good place for shopping to buy clothes for teenagers around

12-15 in Kyoto preferably or in the Kansai area?
by Eco (guest)  

Havent seen much in Kyoto... 2011/5/8 10:35
there are plenty of shops in Nishi markets, some are good for trendy gear. Rinku Town (near Kansai airport) is really good. There is a good centre in Otsu as well (10 mins from Kyoto by train), that had plenty of good shops. You could walk there from the station. The best teen/trendy shopping I've seen in Japan was in Kanazawa, my girls went wild in a department store there (it is referenced in wikitravel).
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