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Clothes & inseam for 170+ cm tall women 2011/5/9 19:37
I am a 173/4cm tall woman weighing 57kg (I consider myself neither fat nor thin, though most people consider me on the thin side).

Will I find a decent selection of trousers to fit my height? 83cm/33'' inseam would be ideal but I am not too picky (I am willing to give or take a few cm) on a 69cm/27'' waist pair? Also, are most dress shirts too short (particularly torso length) on women who are 170+cm?

Thank you-- I am wondering whether I should bring a lot of my clothes with me.
by Tina (guest)  

clothes 2011/5/10 21:40
There are quite a lot of similar threads to this one here- try a search because I've written on this topic quite a lot before- I'm 175cm and pretty much exactly the same build as you :-)

Basically, no, you won't find much of a selection of trousers that fit you at all I'm afraid. I can buy trousers from Zara, sometimes Benetton, H&M and that is about it, although lately I've been finding that Uniqlo has long enough trousers in some styles- only just though.

Most Japanese brand stores stock trousers designed for women no taller than 165 cm at the very most, so there's only a very limited amount of places I can shop. I think if you went really high end with overseas designer brands you might find more options, but those are a bit out of my budget.

I don't find shirts or tops here too short in the torso for me at all, but most of my height is in my legs and I am fairly short in the upper body. The sleeves on most tops or jackets that are supposed to have full-length sleeves tend to be too short for me even with Benetton or Zara, but my arms are really long.

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Thank Q! 2011/5/13 16:43
Thank you for your detailed responses Sira. I have searched and read a lot of your responses.

My legs are slightly long in proportion, but not really out of proportion. I suppose I can find a few pieces as long as I search high and low. I conclude that I better stick to skirts and dresses as much as possible in my case.

I also read about shoe sizes. I am a plus size in terms of length for shoes. My true size is 25.5-26cm, but I can cram up to 2 sizes smaller for open toe shoes.
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