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How can I practice shintoism? 2011/5/10 01:34
I Live in texas, somtimes DC, and I want to practice shintoism. What are some things I can do daily to be loyal and to practice it? What are beliefs and rituals of Shinto?
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. 2011/5/10 11:17
There is a Shinto group in Texas on Yahoo groups. Also there is a Jinjya in Washington state that many follow.
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? 2011/5/10 13:04
Not to be a pessimist, but why the urge to follow a religion when you don't know about its belief system or teachings?
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Re: How can I practice shintoism? 2011/5/10 18:21
I don't really think Shintoism is pacticed they way relion is practiced in the West.

I myself visit shrines when in Japan and I think I never felt closer to Shinto than when I visited the Goshinkasai Motomiya Reisai Festival in Hakone a few years ago:
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