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second hand furniture sales? 2011/5/10 18:01
Hi I am looking for second hand furniture sales/ jumble sales/ car boot sales / yard sales that have larger items. Does anyone know any? with details like dates, websites etc would be very helpful.(Japanese or English OK)

I have been to jumble sales before in Japan but they were mostly just old clothes layed out on ground sheets and little old trinkets but I am looking more for things larger in scale like furniture. I am particularly interested in mid century furniture 40s 50s 60s.
I know about HARD OFF and meguro dori so any other suggestions would be helpful.
I found meguro dori to be way too expensive and hard off to be too full of newer junk.
any advice is greatly appreciated.
by gilesdesign (guest)  

furniture 2011/5/10 18:35
I visit some local flea markets that often have vendors selling antique furniture. The selection is usually better than what I've seen at the recycle shops and sometimes you can find some really great deals if you know what you are looking for. But where are you located? I assume you'd need to shop locally if you are looking at furniture items.
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Oops 2011/5/10 18:42
Sorry forgot to add that. I'm in setagaya Tokyo near futakotamagawa. Anything close would be convenient.
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Yamamoto-Shoten 2011/5/13 11:47

Have you been to the famous and long-running Yamamoto-Shoten?
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thanks 2011/5/17 11:26
No I didn't know of it, I will check it out.
Thank you!
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