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Where to buy a plush Totoro in Tokyo? 2011/5/11 06:52

I would like to buy a plush Totoro while I am in Tokyo. Where would the best place to purchase a plush Totoro be?

Is this character available in most toy stores or would I need to find a specialty store?

Thank you for your help.
by Adam (guest)  

Donguri Garden 2011/5/11 13:10
Sorry, I have no idea what plush Totoro is.
There is a shop has Totoro' goods just under the outside of Tokyo station.

Donguri Garden どんぐり ガーデン(Shop name)
Tokyo station, YAESU Exit, B1F,
Tokyo character street.


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totoro 2011/5/11 15:12
How big of one do you want? The stores that carry ghibli goods tend to have a hit or miss selection of the available catalog and the bigger toys are somewhat hard to find. The ghibli museum however, had a pretty good choice of plush toys when I was there a few months ago. Another store to check out is located a few steps away from the Kaminarimon in Asakusa. Note that ghibli toys are pretty expensive for plush toys, but they're pretty nice quality. Expect to spend around 2000 yen for a soccer ball sized Totoro.
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easy option 2011/5/11 23:06
Go to Hakuhinkan Toy Park in Ginza, but actually very near Shimbashi Station. There is always a good selection of Totoros there, in using some very large and expensive ones.
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or the airport... 2011/5/12 04:39
...tends to have them, one thing about Japan is that there are plenty of opportunities to buy totoro and miss kitty. we buy that kind of thing on departure usually. They are exey though, I'd consider amazon as an alternative if you have luggage issues. I saw a huge one in Kyoto, near Kiyomizudera, maybe 4 foot tall plus, and he was several hundred dollars.
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Thank you 2011/5/12 06:50
Thank you for all the responses.

I'll definitely try the store near Tokyo and otherwise keep an eye out in the airport upon departure.

Thanks again.
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More places... 2011/5/12 08:52
Moes Garden in Sunshine City Prince building Ikebekuro

Yamashiroya toy shop near Ueno Station

Kiddyland Harajuku

Of those Moes Garden has a large range of Ghibli stuff, too much to choose from.

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. 2011/5/12 17:18
We bought a Totoro in Akihabara, but I can't remember the store name. It had characters and novelties throughout the ground floor (may have only been one level) and I think it was on a corner. The one we bought was SO soft, and much better value than the regular plush feeling ones that cost a lot at the Ghibli Museum.

Okay hang on, try Kotobukiya. I found it on the credit card statement.

Good luck!
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Tokyo Dome 2011/6/1 05:30
I distinctly remember a Ghibli shop at Tokyo Dome near the little amusement park because I bought my friend a Totoro plushie from there. It IS expensive, but so are Disney stores. You can get to Tokyo Dome by using the Chuo line from Shinjuku or Tokyo and getting off at Suidobashi station.
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Thank you 2011/6/1 07:07
Thank you for all the responses.

I ended up purchasing a Totoro from Kotobukiya in Akihabara, although I had also found them in Ueno, Harajuku and other areas in Tokyo.
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