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Chu-Hai stands in Tokyo? 2011/5/16 11:03
Are there any chu-hai stands in Tokyo or do I still have to goto Yokosuka for that?
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. 2011/5/16 11:51
What do you mean by "chu-hi stand"?
Chu-hi is served at almost all izakaya (Japanese style pub) in Japan.
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Outdoor Chu-hai's 2011/5/16 21:00
Chu-hai stands are basically outdoor vendors that sell chu-hai's....kinda like yakitori stands. They are usually set up on side streets or in alleys.
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Navy version of tachi-nomi? 2011/5/16 23:07
I Googled the phrase "chu-hai stand" in Japanese and it seems to be a term unique to those stationed at the Yokosuka U.S. Navy Base.

But those places seems to be the equavalent to what the Japanese generally call "tachi-nomi-ya" and tachi-nomi-ya exist here and there throughout Japan. If you're looking for something in Tokyo, you might like Shinbashi area, although I'm not sure how well foreign visitors fit in there.

Here's a quick Google map search on "tachi-nomi-ya."
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