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Game similar to Itadaki Street? 2011/5/16 21:47
Hi All,

I am trying to find the name of a Japanese computer game that's similar to Itadaki Street and Monopoly. The game that I am trying to look for involves buying properties and stocks. Each player is in a car.

It's an old game because I remember playing it more than 12 years ago.

I've been trying to look for any information about it online, but I didn't get any match.
by Jenna (guest)  

.. 2011/5/17 11:15
I dont know if I can help you entirely but you may want to try 2 other japanese games that are auspon

aeribiz supersonic.
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Reply 2011/5/17 11:39
Aerobiz and Aeribiz Supersonic are not the games that I'm looking for.

The game that I am searching for is a computer game with Pretty and Clear graphics. It is VERY similar to Itadaki Street, but with better graphics than Itadaki Street. Also, the game that I am looking for is VERY similar to Monopoly, but it involves stocks and I think Casinos/Gambling.
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