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Shibuya Crossing 2011/5/18 23:35
Hello, I've asked many questions in the past and everyone has been so helpful.
But anyway I must stress that I feel this is a bit of a selfish question.


Are all of the lights on in Shibuya Crossing?
I am visiting on the 2nd of July and I don't know why but that place just captures my heart, whenever I think of Tokyo I think of Shibuya at night, I'm not sure why but it just makes me happy and seeing as it's my first trip I would be a little sad if they were off (but I wouldn't mind obviously due to the horrible situation).

I was just curious so I know what to expect.

Many thanks for any help
by Pawleh  

Shibuya live cam 2011/5/19 13:52
Unsure if this will assist you, but check it out :

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... 2011/5/19 20:49
I know exactly what you mean about Shibuya being a special symbol of Japan. I was there 4 days ago around 7pm andit didn't disappoint. The big screen was on, many of the lights were on and the crossing was just insane! I took a short video of it, and just rewatching it from my hotel in Kyoto now brings back the electric memories! If anything, the thought of Shibuya getting more manic is a reason to come back to Japan in a couple of years.

Just 4 days of my trip left :-(
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Thank you 2011/5/19 21:32
Oh so it still has life in it :)
I hope you enjoy the last 4 days of your trip !!
I'm not sure what it is about Shibuya but it just makes me happy.
Everyone has their own pleasures :)

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