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Baby Food in Japan 2011/5/19 04:13
My family and I plan to travel to Japan soon. I will have a 9 month old by the time we arrive. We usually make all of his food ourselves. Are there jars of baby food available if I am unable to make his food?
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Yup 2011/5/19 12:14
Tonnes. You can get all kinds of stuff. You need to search it out at the supermarket though. It is usually kept in the 'pharmacy' section here in Hokkaido. Not sure about down south.
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. 2011/5/19 20:05

Packed baby food is available in probably all drug stores, supermarkets and department stores throughout Japan.

But I hope you are aware that babies tend to become very picky about what they eat. It's wiser to carry the baby's favorite brand. Otherwise, at 9 months, you can just mush cooked rice, bread or vegetables that the parents order.

Bon appetite!
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