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Taxi from Haneda to hotel near Shinagawa 2011/5/20 01:43
We have a late arriving flight and in a post from almost one year ago, someone noted a taxi from Haenda to Shinagawa costs 3500 yen by regular sized taxi, not utilizing the expressway. I read some set taxi rates were recently imposed from Haneda. Is the 3500 figure still accurate? Thanks in advance.
by CYoung (guest)  

Haneda to Shinagawa 2011/5/20 16:22
I read some set taxi rates were recently imposed from Haneda.

Yes, on 21 October 2010 a set of fixed fares were introduced.
But Shinagawa city ward is not in Haneda Airport fixed-fare zone, nor is neighboring Minato, Meguro or Ota city ward.

How about going by rail? Until around the midnight, you can catch a Keikyu train for Shinagawa (400 yen / person) or a monorail train to Hamamatsucho, where you can change to JR-East (Track 3) to get to Shinagawa (total 620 yen / person).

Have a nice trip!

by omotenashi rate this post as useful

Taxi fare 2011/5/20 18:25
yes, the taxi rates have hiked up.
1)Toyota crown(5 seater) 7,500-8,400 yens
Toyota Hi-ace(9 seater) 8,400 yens
The reservation can be done online.
onother convenient option is Airport Limousine Bus(express way)
They charge 700 yens for adult and 350 yens for child and takes approximately 25-60 minutes .(this is comparatively a very cheap and a better option)
thank you
by Ankit Jha rate this post as useful

Thanks! 2011/5/21 00:10
Thank you both. We hope to take a train if we clear customs before midnight but if not, we will take the taxi or the airport limo bus.
by Cyoung (guest) rate this post as useful

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