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Japanese School bag 2011/5/21 19:06

where in Tokyo can you buy a typical school bag? I mean the dark blue ones with gray straps.
It should be in good quality - not the discount ones for 1.000 Yen.

Thanks, Lisa
by Lisa (guest)  

March? 2011/5/22 20:44
I'm not sure what you mean by "dark blue ones with gray straps" but most large supermarkets and department stores sell genuine school bags every March.
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ArConomi 2011/5/23 02:52
Try arconomi (http://www.arconomi.jp/) located in Harajuku. They sell anything school related: Uniforms, bags, blazers, accessories, etc. They also have a CD Japan store online: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/apparel/arconomi.html

There are other stores in Harajuku that also sell these bags, but sometimes they are smaller or have hello kitty logo! These are on Takeshita-dori but I can't give any exact locations, but the stores have lots and lots of bags on display.
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Another location 2011/5/24 00:07
Another place to try is Nakano Broadway, near Nakano station. Danny Choo has a picture of the uniform place in his blog (http://www.dannychoo.com/post/en/26091/Nakano+Guide.html#landscape -- picture isn't that far down).

There are other bags there that could be used for school bags too!
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Thanks! 2011/5/24 08:58
Found a nice one on 3rd floor of Nakano Broadway =)
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Socks 24-26 cm size 2011/5/24 09:00

I`m searching for women socks in 24-26 cm. The typical 23-25 cm are slightly too short (shoe size 38-40 EU size).
I want especially overknees - do you know a shop where I can get it?
Tutuanna in Shibuya doesn't have them in my size =(
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