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Odakyu line souvenirs 2011/5/27 08:13
hello, would somebody please tell where can I buy Odakyu line souvenirs? In particular, I would love to have one of those devices that you push a button and the chime/music from different train stations are played. I have seen those devices from JR lines in many places but I haven't see any of those for Odakyu line. Nevertheless, I would like other type of souvenirs from this train line, like train toys for my little cousins. thanks!
by Max (guest)  

. 2011/5/27 09:26
They have two shops for the souvenirs, one in Shinjuku and Another in Izumitamagawa.
If you're in Tokyo, try the Shinjuku one.
It's on the basement floor of Shinjuku Station (Nishiguchi/West Exit), next to Odakyu Travel Bureau.

(Click the list on the left and you'll see the goods they're carrying.)

(Both web sites are available in Japanese language only.)
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Try this? 2011/5/28 09:21

Did You try the JR Musiem in Onari, Saitama also? Yes, it is not Odyakyu but, i was there once and thouroughly enjoyed it. They have a well stocked gift and model shop including those cool 'box' things giving chimes and station calls [I think they're piggy-banks and alarm clock versions]. There is also a model layout room and an outdoor railway system for the children to auctually be the engineer of thier own densha. -It even has a working signal system which You are behooved to obey...
Here is the webpage:
BTW: Microsoft's Railroad Simulator PC game had the Odyakyu Sen and one other Japanese line in the program when it was released. I dont know about the current version.
Hope this helps!
best! MP
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. 2011/5/29 02:39
@ user "point": thanks for the info! I will check it out.

@Martmail: thanks for the reply. yes! I went to the museum and spent a good amount of time in the souvenir shop looking for Odakyu chimes but they only had for JR line stations : ( I guess it makes sense but I think it's a bit unfair as the name of the museum is not "The JR railway museum". I don't remember finding any souvenir from non-JR lines.
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