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Where to buy scissors in tokyo? 2011/5/30 17:01

I will be coming to tokyo for 3 days. I heard from one japanese hairdresser a few years ago, there is this store in tokyo selling scissors. only scissors.

I need to buy a few professional fabric scissors.

Please refer me to a store or an address if you guys know any. I've been googling and didnt find any beside KAI scissors.

THank you.
by ms.bongbong (guest)  

There is 2011/5/30 22:46
a fascinating store in Kawagoe, Saitama along the warehouse merchant houses, sells only specialized knives and scissors (for a few generations).

When you reach the Kawagoe station, take the bus to Kawagoe old town. When you reach there and miss the spot, ask at 'I' --Tourist Information. The sweet lady will direct you to the store, within walking distance.
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thank you 2011/5/31 11:26
Thank you for the great ans donald! btw, the saitama is it the store name or the road name? and what time does the store close? since I might only have time in the evening only.

please advice. thank you.
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Scissors 2011/5/31 12:07

Saitama is a prefecture outside Tokyo. It takes about 30 minutes to get to Kawagoe by train from central Tokyo. But rather than traipsing all the way out to Kawagoe to find a store that may or may not exist or be open at that time, I would suggest going to Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, or Shibuya. They sell a wide selection of high-quality scissors for all purposes.
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Kiya 2011/5/31 15:41
I recommend Kiya, a shop specialized in knives and scissors with a long history.
It's in the heart of Tokyo, Nihonbashi.
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<3 2011/5/31 17:21
thank you for the replies.

for the kiya, they only sells knives in the website? but I will check it out once im there, I think my hotel will be close to the store.

for the tokyu store, I'll check it out also.

I have diawood scissors for fabric (Ibuy it in singapore and its so expensive there), and it was fabulous, now Im thinking to get another 5 or 6 of it for my seamstress.

is there any other better scissors than diawood? thank you for all the help and kind ans.
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sample 2011/5/31 17:25
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Scissors 2011/6/1 04:59
Remember that you will need to put this with your checked bags, not with your carry-on.
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