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Mushi / Mochi mochi cake 2011/5/31 02:12
When I went to Japan a few years ago I bought one of these 100 Y "junk food" cakes in a plastic bag called "Mushi cake" like in these pictures:

I really liked the taste and was thinking of making one of them myself but can't find the correct recipe for it. I stumple upon some cake more like a cheescake but this seem more like muffin. I found something that says it is a steamed cake but I am not sure if that is right.
Anyone got a link of the recipe and the correct names for these two (?) cakes as they appear to differ would be greatly appreciated.

by Traus (guest)  

yes 2011/5/31 13:10
They are steamed cakes.
The first picture of yours says ''cheese steamed cake'' but I'm not sure the flavour of the other thus can't tell you the exact name of it.

Anyway here is a recipe for steamed cakes.

When you click the picture in the middle, you'll see the recipe in English.

I hope you can now bake (or steam?) it properly!
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