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Mail Stamps 2011/6/2 08:49
Hi there,

Like to know the japan stamps range and is stamp easily can get from convenience stores ?

Beside post office, is letter box easily spot at the town ?

Many thanks.
by mayshalws  

re 2011/6/2 18:14
both 2 answers are yes.
you can buy stamps in any convenience stores, post office(usually there is a vending machine).

this is Japanese letter box
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. 2011/6/3 08:59

I'm not sure what you mean by "range."

You can easily buy mail stamps at convenience stores.

You can easily find mail boxes in town.
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stamps 2011/6/3 13:51
Range in that case mean the value of stamps they sell, from the cheapest to the most expensive.
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range 2011/6/3 19:24
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Noted with thanks. 2011/6/4 10:12

Thanks for the replies.

Yup..my meaning of range means the value of the stamp. Plan to mail postcards back to our home for every place that we visit..

One more question about the street mail box. Do the street mail box sharing a collection of local and international mails ?

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... 2011/6/4 12:28
Postage for postcards to outside Japan is 70 yen (for all countries), for "regular" sized postcards.

If you see a street mail box with two slots, place your international post into the slot on the right. Even if you used the wrong slot, or posted into a mail box with only one slot, if you have the destination country and "Air mail" clearly written on the card, it will reach the destination no problem.

(But if you happen to be traveling between Dec. 20 or so until early Jan., and see "New Year Mail" paper sign posted by the right slot, do not use that slot.)
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Noted with thanks :) 2011/6/6 08:21
Thanks AK :)
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