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Kanji Numbers 2011/6/3 02:57

I had posted in this forum before. I'm an origami creator and I had some help here for the inspiration for the photos of my origami bento boxes. Now I wish to send some diagrams for an anual japanese origami book, and I want to make a very interesting layout for them.

I'm looking for big enough images of kanji numbers (numbers one to ten). I browsed the Internet a little but didn't find any good ones. If you know how, could you please draw and post them somewhere where I can download them? I would've shared my email address for that favor but it's against the forums rules.

I would need each about 7,5cm (3 inches) in size, black color on a white background, and of about 300dpi (dot per inch). If they aren't big enough the will become of a very poor quality when printed.

Thanks for all your help!
by Gerardo (guest)  

. 2011/6/3 12:17
draw and post them?...

why don't you just use a computer font, and print them in big size?
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For Ment 2011/6/4 02:10
Thanks for your answer Ment. I tried what you said. I downloaded different japanese fonts (hiragana, katakana and kanji) and pressed the number keys, but the symbols in each of te three fonts are completely different from the ones here (under characters):

What does that mean? I'm lost on that.

So that's why I think it's a good idea the favor I'm asking here in the forum.

Thanks your help Ment : )
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Kanji numbers 2011/6/7 08:51
Can anyone help me with this favor?

Thank you : )
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kanji 2011/6/7 10:28
Can you give us an example of what your computer was showing when you tried to type Japanese numbers?

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Found a solution 2011/6/10 05:40
Thank you for your help.

I found a solution. A friend explained to me I didn't need to have a kanji font installed to copy/paste the characters into an editor software. I tried and he was right; I would have never thought it was that easy : )
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