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Who knows this restaurant in Tokyo? 2011/6/7 02:14
In July 2004 I was in Tokyo and I ate in this restaurant, but I can't remember the name and where it is. Unfortunately I only have this photo and can't decode the letters on the chef's jackets. Maybe anyone knows this restaurant and can tell me the name and where it is? In July 2004 we lived near the Austrian embassy and the only thing I know is that we went by foot to this restaurant, but I don't know how long. I know it is very unlikely that anyone knows this restaurant, but maybe I have luck :-)

Thank you!

Link to a picture of the restaurant (inside):
by coquinus (guest)  

Since no one seems to be reponding 2011/6/9 11:19

I have no idea. But from the menu, we can suggest that it seems to be a Taiwanese restaurant, and from the bowls we can suggest that they specialize in ramen.

If you miss the taste of their dishes, you can try looking for Taiwanese restaurants serving ramen. There's lots in Japan as well as other parts of the world.
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try the embassy? 2011/6/10 17:33
Embassorial staff are usually VERY helpful: why don't you send this photo to their info email and see if they can help?
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my guess 2011/6/17 11:56
my guess is Chinese restaurants, from the menu on the wall Lq is a Chinese-style dumpling.
they looks Chinese too.
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restaurant in Azabujuuban 2011/9/7 23:30

I wonder if you are still viewing this. Today I went to the area and noticed a restaurant that looked very similar, but now I can't see your link any more. I wanted to check and see if there were any clues of the name of the restaurant.

Anyway, although the interior was clearly different from what I recall from your photo, the concept seemed very similar. This one is very close to Azabu-juban station.
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