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Blood Donation in Japan 2011/6/8 14:52
Hi i know it is weird, but still, i am curious :)

i did blood donation once when i was living in japan, i was there for studies and now i have been back to my own country for a while. i am planing to travel to japan one more time this summer and try giving my blood again, but this time situation changes as i dont have my alien registration card and insurance card with me anymore (disposed when i left the country), but i do have the red color blood donation card which registered all my details, i remember the guy saying that i have to take this card with me if i come again, so i am wondering is it possible to do it as a traveler and without the alien&insurance card ?

btw i am from australia.

Thank you :)
by Ulirewq (guest)  

FAQ 2011/6/9 01:26

According to the FAQ on the Japanese Red Cross Society's official website, your passport works as an ID. Also, they only need to check your ID on your first time.

However, your problem may be that they have certain restrictions against those who have been abroad (including Japanese nationals). For example, you cannot donate blood until 4 weeks have passed since you've arrived to Japan. They also cannot accept blood from those who have been in certain countries at a certain time. Details are written at the bottom of the following page. I couldn't find the information on their English pages, but maybe you can. It doesn't mention anything against those who traveled to Australia, though.
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4 weeks 2011/6/9 10:15
as long as i have the blood donation card (献血カード) do i still need to show them my passport? i reckon this is the only way (by checking my passport) they would find out whether or not 4 weeks has passed, coz i am going for 2 weeks only but i seriously want to do this !

(ps. i am a healthy person dont get me wrong, i am not trying to spread virus or something like that, i just want to do something special that no one would even think of )

thank you
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... 2011/6/9 11:01
As Uco-san says, Japan Red Cross website does say that those who have spent time outside Japan and returned to Japan (or entered Japan) in the last four weeks are asked to refrain from donating blood, in order to mitigate risk from ailments that *could* be transmitted via blood transfusion...

You should show your passport (to show the date of your entry this time), and also tell them where you are from, and see what they say. They might ask you if you've been to the doctor in the last few weeks, any outdoor activities, etc., and might decide that it's OK, or otherwise. Showing just the old blood donation card is likely to get you through the check, but considering the rules they have, that would not be honest, to be honest.

While your intention will be appreciated, they do have certain rules to safeguard against unexpected incidents (I know there is no bad intention here! :)), so if they decide no, I hope that you will respect that. I've been wanting to donate blood, but unfortunately I used to live in the UK during the restricted period so I cannot, as little is know about how the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease could get transmitted via blood, for example.
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What you "can" do. 2011/6/9 11:29
I agree with AK. While you may "seriously want to do this," the intention of blood donation is to help other ill people become healthy. You may want to do "something special that no one would even think of" but what if you had caught a special virus "that no one would even think of" just before you left home?

If you want to donate blood I hope you do it out of goodwill, and if you do you should be honest about your history. Think of things you CAN do and not just something you "want" to do.
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ok 2011/6/9 13:17
ok fine i will just go ask them see if there is any possibility to do it. thank you everyone :)
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