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Map of Japan for smartphone 2011/6/9 19:10
hi, i have a problem with navi. as we are going to japan, the navi w'd be very helpful to travel. but i can not find any map for any navi program. the issue concerns smartphone on symbian. Nokia maps doesn't support map of japan, so i tried to install Sygic Mobile Maps, but finding the map of Japan is also almost impossible.
Maybe any of you had the same issue and know what program could use the map of Japan? any help will be very appreciated!
by DDoS  

Hi! 2011/6/12 00:56

How about Google map?
You can use the map in Japan.

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... 2011/6/13 18:28
I know it is not the answer to your question but it's an alternative. I cary to Japan an older Garmin navi (nuvi 200) with maps i found on the internet (some free, some Japanese only and some with English placenames etc). It works. Most of the time you can not search for a place. But if you know (on the map) were you are going you even can find a route and directions to that location. Works for me (an i assume also with more modern receivers).
Have a nice trip
B. Slager
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