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Where can I buy a plug adapter! 2011/6/11 06:56
I am in moriguchi Japan and am quite lost. Ugh this is frustrating. I need to buy an umbrella too but it's so rainy out already... And I don't know which stores to go to.
by mattijcowan  

. 2011/6/12 06:11
Plug adapter from any good electrical store or try Yodobashi or Bic Camera.

Get an umbrella from your nearest convenience store.
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lost 2011/6/13 14:39
100y shop has them as well
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... 2011/6/13 18:14
If you are staying in a hotel. Most hotels make umbrella's availble for a small fee or just for free.
And i have never been in a country where so many shops sell umbrella's in all price ranges. (And after a shower there seem to be also a lot of abandoned umbrella's around).
B. Slager
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Ugh this is frustrating 2011/6/14 09:10
Ugh this is frustrating. LOL!!!
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Yodobashi 2011/6/14 23:01

Last summer, I had the same issue as u. I went to Yodobashi with someone who speak Japanese because I couldn't it. If I remember correctly it is at the same level as the PC but at the opposite side. It costs around 1000 yen.

Good luck
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more 2011/6/14 23:22
Ey Canadian fellow

I did some research for u but I am not sure if it is accurate.


I think it is approximatively 30 mins away from moriguchi.

There are a lot of plug adapters from 1000 yen up to 3000 yen. In my case, my plug adapter is black and has a green sticker with letter A written on it. FYI I use a macbook pro.

Also I think it is in the baseman or the first floor *located at the right of the store* Anyhow, good luck!

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