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What Happened to Mountain Dew? 2011/6/15 17:26
On my way to work for 2 years I had my choice from 3 vending machines.

Near my room 2 more machines.

But since the earthquakes in March, the supply of Mountain Dew simply stopped.
First the ones near my office went empty. For a week they had red lights and no one came to refill them. Then they were just blank spaces in the vending machines (replaced by cardboard placeholders).
2 weeks later same thing happen by my room.

Has anyone else noticed this?
Does anyone know why Mountain Dew has disappeared from Japan and how is it connected to the earthquakes?
Are there still places to find some?

L. Spiro
by Shawn W  

. 2011/6/15 18:19
Shawn W,

You can buy them on-line.

I don't know why they're still out of stock, but you can always ask Suntory.

A lot of products are out of stock due to damage in factories. If a bottle tap or some label ink is out of stock, then the whole product is gone.
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.. 2011/6/16 01:00
strange, but i just saw Grape Mountain Dew in the vending machines near me.
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unrelated to the earthquake? 2011/6/16 11:33
I can still find mountain dew at the local Suntory machines around my area.

Perhaps its unrelated to the earthquake, and they are just rotating it out of your area because is wasn't selling well. That would be my first guess, as its a very common practice.
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. 2011/6/16 11:43
The Japanese internet does have posters rumoring that Mountain Dew decreased since the earthquake. In fact I found the on-line shop threw one of those internet Q&As. And if so, it makes sense to see them gradually coming back.
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mountain dew panic buying 2011/6/16 13:42
That's interesting, I guess I'd better stock up then just in case. Might start an artificial shortage, but you can never be too prepared with the proper hydration when doing X-TREME sports ;)

Seriously though, I love Mountain Dew so I feel your pain OP.
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Mountain Dew 2011/6/16 14:15
Various drinks had supply issues for a while after the earthquake. I saw another site where someone was asking why large bottles of CC Lemon didn't seem to be available any more.

As someone else mentioned as well, Grape Mountain Dew is currently available in a lot of vending machines, so it's hard to imagine there's a shortage of normal Mountain Dew.
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Same here! 2011/6/17 13:23
I was wondering the same thing!

The Mountain Dew from the work vending machine has been replaced by Grape flavour :(

And the 'real' Pepsi has been replaced by Pepsi Nex.

And it has happened in the past couple of months so I thought there was a link with the earthquake too...
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changes 2011/6/20 09:51
I've noticed all across Tokyo & Yokohama that most vending machines have changed within 4 weeks of the earthquake. For example, a few weeks after the earthquake, bottles of Dr Pepper disappeared completely, and I still don't see any. There are now a few that have cans of Dr Pepper though....

And Fanta melon soda seems to have been replaced by grape.There are numerous differences in the content of vending machines.
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SHOCK!!! 2011/6/23 14:02
I just returned from a trip to the vending machine which I was relieved to see was still selling mountain dew. But a 7-up came out instead when I pressed the button!

False advertising! Who can I sue?!? Now I envy you guys who at least got grape mountain dew as a substitute.
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It's Back! 2011/7/12 13:48
Normal Mountain Dew is back in the machine at school.

And Mellow Yellow is in one nearby :)
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Variety! 2011/7/15 11:27
Grape Mountain Dew, Pepsi Nex, Melon Fanta? Oh! Just one more reason to vist Japan! Sorry to crash the thread, as a very limited traveler, I love to read about people's experiences in other countries. Even subjects as mundane as vending machine beverages.
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