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To go Tokyo & Hokkaido in Xmas. 2004/8/23 18:11
N we have abt 8d/7n, any advice on where to visit n where best to stay esp during Xmas. We r backpacking. However, aft reading most of the qns posted, it seemed a bad idea to visit Hokkaido during this period??? sad sad ('',) Any other choice where we can enjoy snow if not in Hokkaido?
by Wendy Lee  

same period - also going same place 2004/8/23 23:22
Hi I am gary , me and my buddie also going to tokyo and hokaido with the sme period as you.
Are u a singaporean, give to exchange email on the planning trip?
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no prob (",) 2004/8/24 07:33
my email is:
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hihi 2007/8/29 12:13
Hi, i'm singaporean too. Me and my friend intend to backpack the same place too but in octber. However we know nothing on wat or how to plan at all.. Be glad if u can share ur ideas.. can contact me at

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honshu 2007/8/29 12:26
There is no need to go to Hokkaido to see snow. There are major ski resorts within 100min of Tokyo by Shinkansen
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tokyo/hokkaido 2007/8/29 12:47
Hi All,

I am also Singaporean and also going to Tokyo and Hokkaido in end Nov/Dec.
Will I be able to see snow in Tokyo in eary Dec and where is the nearest resort?
Actually in Hokkaido,besides going to see snow in mountains, you can go to Otaru, farm and hotsprings but you may need to rent a car if going to mountains.
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Hokkaido 2007/8/29 20:39
There is so much to Japan than Hokkaido in the wrong season. I am not saying it's not a nice place during the low seasons. But if you only find out how much Hokkaido can offer you in July/August or early February (it's not just the Snow festival), you will unlikely choose to go there in other months if you can help it. Anyway February will have a lot more snow than December, but colder too.
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.. 2007/8/29 23:50
Was just wondering how to plan for the schedule of place that we can visit..
we wanna focus on Tokyo and Hokkaido.. Probably will be in Japan for bout 2 weeks.
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Tokyo for Xmas and New Years 2007/8/30 02:46
My boyfriend and I are going to be in Tokyo the same period too. We will be there for Xmas and New Years. Does anyone has any ideas where in Tokyo is a most see for the season.
We will be there for 10 days. we were planning to stay in a hotelbut it seems very expensive. Does anyone has any suggestion on where to stay that is close to the JR line and inexpensive (not in Ikeburo please. I read the area is not very safe). will Ryokan allow large luggaes because we will be going to Malaysia first.
any response will be helpful. Thank you!
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Japan 2007/8/30 08:30
To answer JOYCE, no you will not see snow in Tokyo in early December. As for the other questions, this site has a lot of resources, recommendations and info about Tokyo, Hokkaido and the ski areas.

Why not read through the parts that interest you first, then come back and ask if you have any specific questions.
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. 2007/8/30 09:32
Jen, most parts of Japan is safe, including Ikebukuro Tokyo. I recently had two female friends of mine from the US visit and stay in Ikebukuro, they ran into absolutely no problems at all. I've stayed in Ikebukuro myself and never ran into any problems either.

How much money are you willing to spend a night (together combination?)
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... 2007/8/30 23:31
about 8000Yen. I was thinking of Tama ryokan, but they have a curfew.
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