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Disposal of old trains 2011/6/16 00:21
Am interested to find out what happens to old trains that are no longer in use in Japan. It occurs to me some of these trains could still be viably used elsewhere where they use the same rail gauge.
by Farai Magunha (guest)  

. 2011/6/16 06:19
Old Japanese trains are sent to many countries around the Far East, this page should give you some good info:
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trains 2011/6/16 14:24
We apparently have Japanese train carriages running in our very limited rail service in New Zealand, so they are definitely re-used.
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. 2011/6/18 10:56
There are many things that happen.

1. They are transferred to other railroads in Japan. For example older JR trains are sometimes sent to be used on smaller railways in the countryside.

2. They are sent to other countries.

3. Some end up in museums or stored away.

4. They are just scrapped. Outlived their usefulness.
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