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Food in Japan and radiation 2011/6/16 20:23

I am travelling to Japan in July and was wondering if their are nay concerns with the safety of certain foods? It's very hard to find information on the matter and I know a lot of people are taking care of what they choose to eat too. But is there are factual evidence to back up peoples fear of fish and dairy products? I'm very eager to enjoy myself and don't want to be worrying about every piece of food that enters my mouth. Thanks.
by Daniel (guest)  

. 2011/6/17 13:52

Rumours are limitless, but you can find official information on the Ministry's websites. Here is an example;

And on this forum, the following thread is among the new ones discussing this issue. It might help.

Update yourself when coming to Japan. Bon appetite!
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Internal radiation... 2011/6/18 11:44 tricky, because many compounds that are radioactive are heavy metals that the body normally doesn't excrete properly. Still, I think with the checks that are made, the risk of getting cancer from pesticides and such is considerably higher.

Read the wikipedia page on Sievert, which has some common doses. For example, I found out that radiation in Fukushima city is currently less than normal background radiation in Sweden, and much less than living close to a coal-fired power plant.

If you're really worried you can buy a mass spectrometer and check for radioactive compounds, might be a bit tricky to lug about though ^^.
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