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Shop for maid cafe or lolita dresses? 2011/6/17 02:01
I'm travelling to Japan for three weeks with a friend and we plan to go shopping quite a bit.

I'm trying to find a shop where I could buy a good quality maid dress, like those they wear in maid cafe. I know they are tons of online website selling them, but I'm worrying about the size and I'd like to try them on first before buying, even if they are a bit more expensive.

Thanks to the forum, I've found cospa shops, but it's hard to tell from their website how many kinds they have. I also found a company, Joybank, who seems to be manufacturing good lolita and maid dresses, but they don't seem to have a shop in town.

Do anyone have a good place in mind? I'll be travelling to Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Hiroshima mostly.
by Johanna (guest)  

dito 2011/6/17 14:12
no worries, just walk with open eyes through akiba or no den den town and you find plenty of such shops
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... 2011/6/17 17:50
Just to be a little bit more specific than what bumshakala mentioned (in case you are not familiar with the place names).
In Tokyo Akiba or better known Akihabara.
In Osaka Den Den town. Both area's are also known as Electric city.
Maybe this link will give some additional info: http://www.japan-guide.com/forum/quereadisplay.html?0+43080

Have a nice trip.
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takeshita 2011/6/18 06:39
takeshitadoori. there are a few shops right on the central takeshita doori but also take a look on the smaller side branches of the street as there are some great lolita shops in there.

also don't ignore the 2nd floors of some of the shops on the street as there are also some lolita shops on the 2nd floor that are barely visible from street level.
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Harajuku 2011/6/18 22:36
There is also a shop in Harajuku, if I remember the name correctly it was "Bodyline". They also sell maid outfits and lolita dresses. They also have bigger sizes, altough you can't try them on at the store. The prices aren't too bad either. It's down Takeshita street if you're interested.
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