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Where can I buy light novels? 2011/6/19 21:47
Unfortunately I don't live in Japan, and I'm currently questing for light novels (different from manga) and I've tried yessasia.com, but they don't have what's I'm looking for. Does anyone know of any website that sells them aside from amazon? I'd prefer if the website was in English, but if it's in Japanese that's okay.

I'd really appriciate the help. Thanks.
by Kirari Ciel  

Kinokuniya? 2011/6/22 07:30
You could try Kinokuniya?
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Try bk1 2011/7/1 16:18
I would recommend bk1: http://www.bk1.co.jp/

They have a good selection, reasonable prices and many shipping options.

The site is only in Japanese, but it's not a problem at all if you are using rikaichan (Firefox plugin that translates text under mouse cursor)
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Thank you 2011/7/1 20:30
Thanks to those that replied, this is a great help.
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