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Dragonball Makafushigi Adobencha! 2011/6/20 05:58

I'm looking for the original Dragonball Soundtrack Makafushigi Adobenchā! by Hiroki Takahashi. But the older one, with only four tracks. I searched in the internet, but I didn't find a hint. Can I buy this soundtrack anywhere or is it not in stock anymore? Look at the link:

Thanks in advance! ^^
by isi ryder  

Old Single 2011/7/13 04:43
Are you looking for the EP? I don't know if you'll find it online, you might check out record store listings and call/hunt around.

Otherwise, I think Yahoo Auctions would be your best bet. I found a finished auction for the EP from this store:
http://coconutsdisk.com/ which looks like it has several locations.
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