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Where can I buy the Comiket Catalog? 2011/6/22 07:37
I would usually buy a Comiket Catalog before going over to Japan and have it mailed to me in England; but this year I'm going too early to do that.

So I need to buy it when I'm over there; but have no idea where? I'm sure I could find it easily in Tokyo / Akiba, but I'm actually going to be in Yudanaka when it comes out.

So is there anywhere near Yudanaka or Nakano that will stock the Comiket80 Catalog?

Thank you!
by Wex (guest)  

. 2011/6/22 20:58

I assume you mean Yudanaka and Nakano-shi in Nagano Prefecture.

This is Comiket's official website.

The on-line catalog shop in Japan is no longer available for Comiket80, but a CD-ROM version still is.

You can also jump to the list of shops where you can buy the official catalog in paper form.

Scroll down to view the list of 8 shops in Nagano Prefecture starting from the shop with the phone number 0263-35-0878. I suppose the ones in ѓcs (Iida-shi) or s (Nagano-shi) are relatively near to you.
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Thank You! 2011/6/24 02:16
Ahh, that's perfect. I had a look on the Comiket site but didn't find that list before.

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Re: Where can I buy the Comiket Catalog? 2011/12/11 21:18
Does anyone know if the catalog for the upcoming Comiket in Dec 29 2011 is out yet?

I'm trying to find out where some circles will be in the hall before I go to Japan, as I won't have much internet access there.
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