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Dir En Grey 2004/8/24 00:42

I just wanna know if you guys heard of Dir en grey's yokan?? If you have listened it, can you tell me what do kyo 'talk' during the middle of the song? Sadly i cant find them anywhere in the internet... Most of the lyric given did not contain the kyo's talking =( Pls help and thnx alot~!!
by Kyo  

depends of course 2004/10/10 21:41
well, it depends on who you're talking to. most people i know here in japan have heard of dir en grey and they know what genre of music they belong to. actually, as i was trying to buy tickets to their latest live, 2 hours after it's sold out. people in harajuku and ikebukuro adore dir en grey, that i'm sure, but generally DEG is an acquired taste. start out with the wrong song and you'll never going to want to hear more. they're not beatles status though.
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I know someone... 2004/10/10 21:46
I know of someone who would probab;y be able to find out what Kyo says. She calls herself The J-Rock Sensai. I will run this question by her today and get back to you.
BTW I am a Dir en Grey fan myself. I think people who have suffered immensely can identify with the music. At least I can...
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I am too late, but 2008/3/8 23:12
Kyo says,“君の顔を見ても何も感じないよ。そうやってずっと騙されればいいさ。僕の昔の傷に比べれば…。”in Japanese.
In English, “I feel nothing to see your face. Compared with my old wound, it matters little even if you continue being decieved in that way by me.”
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