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Supermarkets in Tokyo and Sapporo? 2011/6/24 17:55
I'm going to Japan and staying in both Sapporo and Tokyo(Ueno) next week. I'd like the store locations of supermarkets I can go to when I'm there. I know only of Aria in Sapporo, but that's it. Can you please help?
by Alisa (guest)  

supermarkets 2011/6/25 01:42
Department stores have great food floors in their basement.
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... 2011/6/25 11:39


Timely post, and here are two links above, which should answer your question about tokyo. I have been to the Kiba Ito Yokado (about two blocks from the subway) to buy a bunch of omiyage. We had nigiri sushi bento there which was excellent and a great value. There is also a donut place with a very nice green tea donut! Also a McDonalds there, if you're so inclined.

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