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academic background 2011/6/29 15:41
hello everybody!!
In japan i noticed that going to university is a kind of 'status',and if you don't go they think you are not smart enough or that you don't like 'doryouku'(working hard).
Most of my japanese friends are university students,but some of them were pushed by their parents,even they don't have any motivation,and some universities are so easy !!!if your attendance is good you will have good score in the test evenhough you don't study ,like you can get A just because your attendance is over 90% (the teachers value the test considering a lot the attendance) they just go to school and never study...(i'm speaking about my friends XD)....

then when i say that i went to a professional college people look at me with such an indifferent face(like ' oh you are so stupid,you didn't go to university).....

what do you think??it's just my impression? did you have the same experience?

I mean,of course also in Europe going to University is considered a good thing and people will think you are smart,but in Japan is much more....and i'e heard about people who are bullied at the job place because they just hae high school diploma...
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. 2011/6/30 07:47
Maybe you're just over-analyzing this too much...

Education of course is important, being bullied I don't think so is rampent. I think it only matters if you are competing for those high end positions with companies, then again even in America people with higher university degrees are looked over then people without degrees.

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just how it works 2011/6/30 11:10
it's just how things work here.

everyone goes to university here and it's super easy (Â / amai in japanese). i think basically everyone including japanese people themselves recognize it. there's not a lot of point to undergrad studies here except for a few specific fields, you can go through 4 years of uni and come out knowing not much more than you did when you entered.

thing is, people study like crazy to get into the universities which is a little different from in the west where you can slack off without any serious consequences through high school and still get into a decent university, but you'll have to try hard once in.

anyway, if you feel people are not recognizing your academic abilities, let them know about the differences between western and japanese post secondary education.
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professional college 2011/6/30 12:26
then when i say that i went to a professional college people look at me with such an indifferent face(like ' oh you are so stupid,you didn't go to university)...

How are you translating "professional college", because it could be that you are not translating to the culturally appropriate term. Some countries use professional college in a way that translates more like daigaku (college/university), while others use professional, technical, or vocational college (for example, senmongakko in Japanese) to mean a lower tier of education than a university, typically with shorter programs where you graduate with what amounts to an associates degree. Perhaps it could all be a misunderstanding?
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... 2011/6/30 19:13
everyone goes to university here

Actually, in 2009 (the most recent figures I could find) only around half of Japanese high school graduates went on to college or university.
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