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Aeon Narita Shopping Centre 2011/7/1 00:44
Hi! I am travelling to Tokyo in 25 days - yay! My flight leaves Tokyo Narita at 6:50pm. Since I have to check out from my hotel at 10:00am, I was thinking of going into Narita early, check-in my luggage (JAL website says that I can check in as early as 7:00am - have to confirm this again), then go around Narita: Aeon Mall, Naritansan, Omotesando then back to Narita Airport in time for my flight. This way, my luggage is all checked and I am already in the vicinity of the airport. I have previously thought about killing time in Tokyo but then I'd have to think where I can leave my luggage etc etc etc...anyway, my question is, I have read somewhere, I think it was probably a three month old article that Aeon Mall was closed - due to the earthquake? Just wanna know if it has re-opened, if at all it was closed because this would really affect my "perfect" plan.
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.. 2011/7/1 12:12
Don't worry, the Aeon Mall in Narita is open. It closed a few days after the earthquake but that's it.

You should confirm re luggage check in time, though. Many air lines only accept your luggage 3 hours prior to your flight.

After checking out your hotel, they will hold your luggage for free. So if you want to stay in Tokyo, it's doable.
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Thanks 2011/7/1 12:38
Thanks Tokyonet ... yeah I will reconfirm check-in time. If I was right then the thing to consider I guess, will I be able to fill 5-6 hours just in Narita better than the airport but even better if I can figure out if I can stay in Tokyo without feeling too rushed :)
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