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French food in Osaka 2011/7/2 03:45
I am wondering if anyone could suggest a good French restaurant in Osaka. I have read that there are some in Osaka, but would like suggestions as to which ones are best. Also, could you include whether the restaurant suggested require formal attire or not. Thank you for your help.
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... 2011/7/2 10:03
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Two restaurants 2011/7/6 14:42
I know recomend two nice french restaurants.

One is Bistro Da Anjou
This is casual and nice. Closest station is Namba station. Taste is rather rich.
No dress code.

The other one is Accueillir
This is more sofiscated and well mannered.
taste is light and healthy (in my opinion)
It doesn't mention dress code, but you would be unconfortable if you are in shorts and singlets.
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French food in Osaka 2011/7/8 14:28
It is bistro d' Anjou by the way...(Anjou is the area around the town of Angers, in the Loire Valley of France)

other places serving French food:
Amelie. Osaka: Umeda. Dojima-Hama 1-4-27, Dojima Nakamachi Bldg. 1F
Benoit . Osaka: Umeda 2-chome. Umeda 2-4-9, Breeze Breeze 33F.
Le Pont de Ciel . Osaka: Tenmabashi. Kitahama Higashi 4-33, Osaka Obayashi Bldg 30F.
Olivier Le Francois . Osaka: Nakazakicho. Nakazaki-nishi 1-8-24.
Vermillion Mahoroba . Osaka: Shinsaibashi. Shinsaibashi-suji 1-3-10, Shinsaibashi Inoue Bldg 1F.

There is also a chain called "Vie de France" that sell French style pastries and snacks

see ALSO boulangerie Burdigala Herbis Plaza B2

Boulangerie is bakery in French but in that one they have a cafe serving snacks.
Burdigala by the way is the original name of Bordeaux...both in the days before the Romans and in Roman times. The name changed eventually to Bordeu. Bordeaux is the name the French gave to the town around the 17th century, when it became officially part of the French kingdom.
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