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Mameshiba goods/character shop in Osaka 2011/7/5 22:11
I'm currently looking for Mameshiba merchandise in Kyoto or Osaka. I've googled extensively in Japanese but I can't seem to find a straight answer as to where to buy mameshiba goods. I've been to all the places I know that sell character goods in Kyoto but I haven't seen any Mameshiba - only a folder in a 100yen shop. Does anyone know where to buy Mameshiba goods (toys, phone charms, stationery etc) in the Kyoto/Osaka area?

Also I'm interested in going to character shops in general, can anyone recommend any in the area? I've been to the big famous one in Tokyo and, while I don't expect to find a shop that size, it seems that most shops only have a limited selection of character goods (especially Capybara, Totoro, and of course Mameshiba) whereas on the internet there is so much stuff! I'd really like to see the items in person, so does anyone know any good Character shops in Osaka or Kyoto?
(I've been to places like Loft and the character shop floor of Isetan but the selection is very limited).

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Kiddy Land, maybe 2011/7/6 15:58
It was a couple of years ago, and I don't remember if it was the Osaka or the Tokyo store, but at least back then Kiddy Land had a big display of Mameshiba goods, as well as plenty of San-X and Sanrio character goods.

Some of the bigger Animate stores will also have a floor dedicated to character goods (in addition to anime goods), but I have a hard time remembering the selection in different locations. I know the one in Kyoto is tiny...
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Mandrake 2011/7/6 20:42
There is a large Mandrake store in Shinsaibashi Osaka (M19 on the Midosuji line) very short walk from the station...also from the same station stop is the very lengthy mall behind Daimaru...maybe try there?
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Hope this helps 2011/7/6 21:26
Below the Hankyu Umeda train station there is a shopping mall (San Bangai) that has a "Kiddy Land". Just as "kasasagi"has said, Kiddy Land has many character shops within their store. Their shops are on 2 different floors(Ground and B1) of that mall. Although not sure if they have any "Mameshiba" items. While in Umeda try Yodobashi Camera, they may have a few items there.

Another area to try is "DenDen Town"(Nipponbashi) in Namba. There is a store called "Super Position" that has many character toys. Joshin "Big Kids's Store" may have some items. Both stores are on the west side of Sakai-suji
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